From The Artie Lange Show, The Today Show, Opie & Anthony and The Howard Stern Show
Also featuring John Saponaro & Carlo Bellario

Religious he is not! But, Bob is certainly one of the funniest, most irreverent, innovative comedians on the circuit today. A favorite of radio superstar Howard Stern, Bob is a frequent guest of the show.
When it comes to working a crowd, Bob consistently works them into a frenzy! People say he’s over the line, blunt, politically incorrect, and oh yeah, FUNNY. Just because Bob’s forte’ is working the crowd he does not go on stage and just pick on people, He has a polished, well groomed act that took years to create and audiences are loving it. An incredible performer, Bob’s knack for off the cuff humor is the best in the business. – Barry Jay, Stress Factory
Bob was a writer for the hit show “Stankervision” on MTV2 with Yucko the Clown. Bob also can be heard weekdays, Monday thru Friday from 5:00 to 8:00 pm on the KiddChris Show on WYSP in Philadelphia as Chris’ “Uncle Bobby” where he is a writer and an on air personality. Bob is currently on tour with “The Killers Of Comedy” tour featuring Jim Florentine, Craig Gass, Sal The Stockbroker, Richard Christy, and Gary The Retard.