From I Love Taxi (Shown in actual Taxi Cabs), The Joey Reynolds Show
Also Featuring Susan Gold and Kevin Gottee

J. Jay Boyd won 1st place in the Carnival Cruise Line Comedy Competition, beating 90 other comics and was hand picked opener and writer for Cable Ace Award Winning stand-up comedian Bob Nelson. He is the on-air sidekick on the nationally syndicated “Joey Reynolds” radio show and is also a member of “The Comedy Express” improv troupe from Long Island, New York whose past members have included Bob Nelson, Rosie O’Donnell, Dave Hawthorne, Richie Minervini and many other native Long Island improv comics. “With power, energy, voices and yes even words, J. Jay Boyd has been described as a hilarious, one man sitcom. Everything J. Jay does and experiences has instant potential to become part of his act, and he is the tour guide of the whacky world he perceives he lives in. An incredibly talented and entertaining comedian, he puts on a show that will guarantee laughs from everyone!