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The Watson n Watson show was born from a labor of love, or should we say constant disagreement.

Judi and Johnny Watson, aka Mother and Son, are constantly battling each other on different issues.  From politics, to sports, to proper parenting; you name it, they argue about it, or in Italian family terms, discuss passionately about it.  One day while Johnny was having a debate with his mother over the President, Johnny said, “We should do this on the radio”.  After that, the Watson n Watson show was born.

Tune in while these two go at it.  Even when they agree, it’s fireworks.  If you like a radio show that is entertaining, funny, passionate, and you can still have the whole family listen to it, tune in.  You won’t be disappointed.  If anything, after listening to these two, you’ll realize your family isn’t that bad at all.

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