Eat, Drink, and Laugh
Great Steaks and Hearty Laughter are Two of Life’s Greatest Pleasures


May 5-6 – George Gallo

From The Jim Bruer Show, Comedy Central, MTV
Also Featuring Terry McNelly and John Butera
George Gallo is one of those performers that keeps his audiences riveted because they don’t want to miss a thing.  Whether he is performing on stage, or directing / producing / acting in a video short, he is an entertainer to the very core. George began “performing” as early as the fourth grade, and says by the seventh grade even his teachers took notice.  One teacher even went so far as to take George around where he impersonated all of the teachers in the school – and kept them all laughing while he did it. He was in fact voted “Most Humorous” by his high school class, but it was his talent for mimicry that has evolved into an uncanny ability to reproduce an exact sound, voice, or character.

A child of the seventies and admitted science fiction freak, his influences include Cheech and Chong, Robins Williams, Eddie Murphy and Steven Spielberg movies.  His involvement as an extreme BMX bicyclist gave him the physical confidence to work in a high degree of physicality into his performances, and he soon began acting in, producing, and directing short segments for radio.  These “bits” led to video segments that have since been featured on NBC, Make Me Laff, FOX, and Comedy Central, to name a few.  Word of his talent for writing led to several segment writer gigs, as well as featured comic spots at some of NY’s most well-known comedy venues.

Gallo doesn’t stop there.  He says he likes to have a lot going on at once; whether it’s simple joke telling, chatting up the audience, or demonstrating his latest cast of characters (ask him about Henry, his newest character, or the post-plastic surgery woman face), Gallo delivers it all with an almost alarming level of energy.

A few of his standard bits that you don’t want to miss include the backwards record because it not only showcases his sound effect talent, but it’s so funny that it’s hard to tell which is more impressive – the sound replication or the humor. With more than 40 video shorts to his credit including the most recent “Downtown Taxi in NYC” and “Annoying Cell Phone Guy” ( George plays with the human condition like dangling yarn in front of a cat.  A native Long Islander, he has been performing across the tri-state area for more than 15 years.  His stints on 92.3 K-Rock, Caroline’s Comedy Hour, Short Attention Span Theatre, Evening at the Improv and as a segment writer make him one of the most diverse and sought-after entertainers in the industry.

George is very selective about his content and language, and feels responsible to create comedy that is funny without being offensive.  (Unless the offensive thing is really really funny)

May 12-13 – Dena Blizzard

From The One Woman Show ”One Funny Mother”, Ladies of Laughter, Rachael Ray
Also Featuring Talia Reese

Former Miss New Jersey and Miss America Competition Preliminary Host, Dena Blizzard, will debut a variation of her “One Funny Mother” stand-up show off Broadway, with a preview today, March 31, 2016 and regular performances beginning April 9, 2016. Though the show is based on the stand-up performances Blizzard has done for nearly 10 years, it is not a stand-up comedy show. The stories focus mainly on family and relationships.


“The impetus for everything is that this is a topic that is so universal,” Blizzard told The Press of Atlantic City about being a mom and parenthood in general. “We’ve had great success on the road, and to bring it to New York … it’s just a dream.”


Dena has performed stand up all over the country since launching her career over 12 years ago. She has been featured in the NY Times and has performed at Gotham Comedy Club, The Laugh Factory, and The Comedy Stop at the Tropicana in Las Vegas, NV and Atlantic City, NJ. Dena has also performed at the United Nations for the Comedy Cures foundation in 2009 and is a winner of the coveted Ladies of Laughter competition. Dena’s success has launched her into careers in talk radio, as well as, a warm-up comedian for Anderson Cooper, Katie Couric, The Chew,and The Rachel Ray Show.


May 19-20 – Live CD Taping Special Event! Harris Stanton

From Saturday Night Live, BET, Comedy Central
Also Featuring Talia Reese

Harris is a former major league baseball draft pick who decided on a career in comedy instead. Originally from South Carolina, now living in Brooklyn, Harris jokes about aggressive New Yorkers, scary bodegas, and working security with only a flashlight and a pencil (“what am I supposed to do, sketch a weapon?”). 


Harris has been featured on BET’s Comic View and has appeared over 15 times as a sketch character on Saturday Night Live. Harris recently toured the country opening for Saturday Night Live’s Tracey Morgan, and he performs in clubs and colleges across the country, including Carolines on Broadway, Stand-Up New York, The Improv, and M.I.T.