Eat, Drink, and Laugh
Great Steaks and Hearty Laughter are Two of Life’s Greatest Pleasures


June 5-6 – Tommy Koenig

From Grand Theft Auto, Robin Hood Men in Tights,  Miami Vice
Also featuring Erin McGuire & Matt Lacy

Tommy Koenig thinks of himself as an overall entertainer. He does singing impressions, comedy routines and riffs and several visual bits and characterizations.

Comedy Central & National Lampoon’s Tommy Koenig is starring in his latest one man musicomedy called Baby Boom Baby…original songs and the music icons from the 50’s to today with stand up comedy


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June 12-13 – Julia Scotti

From Comedy Central, Showtime
Also featuring Regina DiCicco & Matt Lacy

Julia Scotti is changing how we think about age and a WHOLE lot more. Originally headlining across the country in the 80’s and 90’s as Rick Scotti, Julia appeared on the original Comedy Central and was the winner of Showtime’s Funniest Person in America contest for New Jersey, she lost the finals to Ellen DeGeneres. In 2000, she left comedy and after much soul searching underwent her life-changing transition.

Following a stint at teaching, Julia realized she had some unfinished comedy business and in 2011 returned to the stage, and with her return it is obvious she has found her hilarious voice! Her amazing ability to tackle serious issues with extremely relatable humor has audiences of all ages and backgrounds falling in love with this “crazy old lady of comedy”. Julia is a regular at Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas and the Borgata, Atlantic City. She will be coming out with her memoir next year, and has recently started speaking with schools and businesses to share her unique and powerful story.


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