The Comedy Cove Presents

An Advanced Comedy Writing Class

This seven-week class focuses on improving your ability to create and refine comedy material, either for your own act or as a writer for other performers and/or venues .  The weekly 90-minute class is part lecture, part workshop and requires weekly writing assignments.  So you can test out your new stuff, the week seven class will be a graduation show where you hit the stage to test drive your new material. Even if you’re goal isn’t to be a performer, there’s no truer test then  delivering the material yourself. In addition to writing for standup, the class will also discuss other comedy writing markets (blogs, scripts, late night TV, roasts, online shows, ghostwriting, etc) and other vehicles in and out of the entertainment industry.


All students will be required to submit comedy writing samples prior to the first class.  These samples will be used as level setting and a starting point for developing new material.

Week 1

Review samples and discuss expectations for class.

(FYI: Throughout the seven-week course you will work on your core material in addition to the weekly class assignments)

Instructors will discuss where you get material, writing techniques and styles

Assignment: Write 10 jokes based on a current news story.

Week 2

Review Week 1 Assignment

Instructors discuss the value of writing every day and methods famous writers’ used to develop that discipline

Assignment: Write 10 jokes based on something that happened to you recently

Week 3

Review Week 2 Assignment

Instructors discuss how to connect your personal experience to an audience.  Storytelling and how to make the personal universal

Assignment: Write 10 jokes linking a personal experience to a something everyone can relate to

Week 4

Review Week 3 Assignment

The instructors discuss writing to your voice and to that of other performers, in addition to discussing other avenues for your comedy writing: blogs, ghostwriting, script writing, roasts, speech writing, late night shows, etc.

Assignment: Each class member is assigned to write jokes for another class member.

Week 5

Review Week 4 assignment

Instructors discuss progress of core material and how to fold in with the new class assigned and other material

Assignment: Tweak, fold in and incorporate your reworked core material with the newly developed class (and other) bits.

Week 6

Review Week 5 assignment.

Instructors give final comments on material

Assignment: Prepare final material for class show!

Week 7

Showtime!  Hit the stage and let it fly!

See you at The Comedy Cove at Scotty’s

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