The Comedy Cove Presents

A Comedy Workshop for Comics


Do your friends tell you you’re funny? Ever watch Louis C.K, Chris Rock, or Ellen DeGeneres and say, hey I’d like to try that?  Well, now’s your chance!  The Comedy Cove at Scotty’s is now offering a stand-up comedy class, where you can get the training and build the confidence you need to get on stage and take your rightful place in the spot light.

Your Instructors

Johnny Watson, a real pro, a road warrior and city favorite, who’s played the dives, the clubs, casinos, resorts and even appeared on Saturday Night Live, Good Morning America, co-host of “The Watson & Watson” radio show and one of the top headliners working today. If you want to know what it takes to be a working comic, ask Johnny.

Chip Ambrogio is a comic who’s played all the major city clubs, worked the road, written and acted in independent films and won seven Telly Awards for humorous corporate video. As a comedy writer, he’s written for The Friars Club Roasts, many of today’s top headliners and is a writing consultant for a new sitcom in development, “Don’t Know Jack.”

Together Johnny and Chip bring a combined 32 years of comedy experience. They’ll share what they learned by trial and error, behind the scene stories, performance tips and how to be a pro on stage and off. Even if you’re not thinking about a full time career as a stand-up comic, comedy skills add value to sales, public speaking and help you deliver the performance you need, when you need it!

Here’s the Deal:

For $350 you’ll get six, minimum 90 minute classes, starting May 6th and running through June 17th, and on that seventh week you’ll graduate by performing at The Comedy Cove before a crowd of your friends, relatives and people that could care less –hey, you’re a comic, deal with it.

And that’s not all, you’ll also get:

• A diploma & video of your performance

• Free student pass for 2 for our Friday shows.  Valid every Friday for three months (a $480 value)

• Radio spot on the Watson & Watson show for everyone in the class

• Guest spot on a Pro Show for the best student

• Space is limited ENROLL NOW!

• All payment is due prior to the first class. Since class size is limited, tuition is non-refundable


Our Goal: To get you on stage to perform six-minutes (hey that’s a long time if you’ve never done it) of stand-up comedy at

The Comedy Cove one of the top comedy clubs in NJ.

All classes will combine: lecture, workshop and performance.

Week One, Wednesday May 6th: 
Introduction to Stand-Up

An introduction to a variety of comedy styles, and advice on how to develop a persona. Johnny and Chip offer a variety of tips

on to how to develop material, from using what happens in you own life to finding comedy in what goes in the news, TV, the movies and more!

Featured Topics: Overcoming Stage Fright & Performance Styles

Week Two, Wednesday May 13th: 
 You’re the Product – Be You!

Johnny and Chip help you discover what’s unique and funny about you. Learn how to write to your individual character and how

what works for one comic sometimes doesn’t work for another.

Featured Topics: Timing and Pausing

Week Three, Wednesday May 20th: 
Developing a Set List

Johnny and Chip offer tips on how to build your six-minute set from an opener that works to the big close. Pointers on editing, tweaking

and refining your material 
to fit your individual voice.

Featured Topic: Writing – 10 jokes a day

Week Four, Wednesday May 27th: Riffing, Keep it Fresh

Tonight’s class focuses on how to create in the moment. Riffing is a term used by jazz musicians meaning, “to improvise”. Johnny and

Chip show you how to trust yourself, step away from your material and be spontaneous in the moment.

Featured Topic: Confidence: The Key to Creating

Week Five, Wednesday June 3rd: Putting It All Together

This week, Johnny and Chip work with you to blend scripted material with opportunities to improv in the moment. You’ll learn how a pro

decides when to pound the material and when to its time freelance and step out into the unknown.

Featured Topic: Confidence: All Funny, all the time

Week Six, Wednesday June 10th: 
Magic Time: Final Rehearsal before Showcase

A final run-though of the your act, Johnny and Chip provide final feedback and suggestions prior to your graduation performance.

Featured Topic: Performance Techniques: Getting up for the Big Show

Week Seven June 17th: You Take the Stage!

Amaze your friends, crack-up perfect strangers and join the exclusive fraternity of performers that know the joy of making

people laugh (for a living)…there’s nothing like it!

See you at The Comedy Cove at Scotty’s

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