Eat, Drink, and Laugh
Great Steaks and Hearty Laughter are Two of Life’s Greatest Pleasures

September 2016

September 2-3 – Doug Karpf

From Sirius / XM, The USO tour
Also Featuring  Sandy Ehlers and Erin Maguire

Doug is a quick witted comedian, known for his rapid punch lines and hilarious improvisations.  Much of his inspiration comes from being a father and husband living day to day in his native state of New Jersey.
Having mastered the skill of finding humor in everyday life, he brings an unmistakable charismatic presence to the stage that leaves viewers roaring with laughter and sharing with each other,“I know EXACTLY what he’s talking about!”. No matter his audience, he engages the crowd and always delivers laughs.
Doug performs at clubs across the country and has performed for the United States Armed Forces.  Doug’s credits include Rascal’s, Caesar’s, Resorts, Catch a Rising Star, Broadway Comedy Club just to name a few.
Doug received ECNY Best Host Nomination for Emerging Comics of New York.


September 9-10 – Chris Rich

From Comedy Central, The View , Hope Street an off Broadway one woman show
Also Featuring  Vince Valentine( The Cave Man Chronicles) and Mario Gentile
Chris Rich is an award-winning, internationally acclaimed comedian, comedy writer, author, and keynote speaker. She was born into an Irish stew of very funny people: “My family were all long, thin, pale readheads. For Halloween my mom used to make us tease our hair up and go as a pack of matches.”Chris as shared the stage with Jerry Seinfeld, Sherman Hemsley, Roseanne, Tony Danza, and has appeared many times on national television Comedy Central, ABC’s The View, and Lifetime television.
Her high-energy stand up comedy surprises audiences at every turn with improv, characters, unique humor, and humanity. Through gripping storie, hilarious punchlines, and practical advice, Chris’ keynote address, “Healing My Funny Bone” takes audiences on a journey of how she’s persevered through physical and emotional pain to find life funny again.
Chris’ talent has been showcased at the hottest clubs in NYC, Vegas, and Atlantic City. Her routines have won numerous awards including first place in the prestigious Ladies of Laughter competition at Caesar’s Palace. She’s worked for the most iconic corporations and institutions in the country, but her greatest joy is derived from entertaining the troops on USO Tours. Her most personally meaningful project right now is trying to capture all her family stories in one liftable book.


September 16-17 – Kyle Grooms

Also featuring Ben Hague and Larry Goldberg
Last Comic Standing, The Chappelle Show

With a long list of notable accomplishments as an actor, writer and comic, he’s proven to be one of the industry’s must-see comics on the scene. With a uniqueness all to himself, Grooms delivers an honest and intelligent view of the world, while giving an intimate look into his life experiences growing up in the American melting pot. Throughout his career, he has appeared in his own hysterical half-hour stand-up special on Comedy Central, while also making multiple appearances on VH1, NBC’s “Last Comic Standing,” and famed sketch comedy show, “Chappelle’s Show.” Among his many accomplishments, his first comedy CD, “The Legend of the Jersey Devil,” was named one of iTunes’ Top 100 Comedy CD’s of 2009.

A regular on the New York comedy scene, Grooms has performed at several top clubs, including Caroline’s, Comic Strip, Comedy Cellar and Gotham. He has been featured on several television, radio and internet broadcasts, such as P-Diddy’s “Bad Boys of Comedy,” Jamie Foxx’s “Laffapalooza,” “Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn,” “The Byron Allen Show,” “BET Comic View,” and “Red Carpet Fashion.” Having even brought his act overseas, he performed at the “Le Grande Journal” in France and has made several appearances in national TV ad campaigns for companies including T-Mobile, Sears, Career Builders and Holiday Inn Express. Grooms continues to grow as a stand-up comedian, writer and actor, and can currently be seen performing worldwide.


September 23-24 – Ross Bennett

Also Featuring Carolann Valentino and Matt Lacy


“I dropped out of West Point to Become a Comedian…probably the greatest service I will ever do for my country”

MacArthur attended West Point and became a National hero.

Eisenhower attended West Point and became the President of the United States.

Ross Bennett attended West Point, dropped out and became a comedian.

The mid-70’s were a different era, and West Point was admitting a different kind of cadet when Ross Bennett was sworn in on July 8, 1975. But by 1977 Ross had decided that he wanted to take aim and fire jokes at nightclub audiences. So he undertook a giant career change, he dropped out of West Point, and landed right square in the middle of the comedy explosion that was taking America by storm.

For 30 years Ross has led a comedy attack. Armed with an expressive delivery and real life topics. Growing up with a father who was a Marine Colonel (a nice mellow guy!), grade school snow days,
disastrous golf games, catastrophic water skiing outings and middle age medical procedures. ROSS BENNETT is a high-powered performer who takes his act to the audience and comes back with a
victory every-time! Seen on dozen’s of Television shows, including:

THE LATE SHOW with David Letterman
4 appearances on Evening at the Improv
David Brenner’s Nightlife
Dick Clark’s Keep on Cruisin’
Showtime’s Big Laff-Off


Tickets $22
From Comedy Central, Rough Crowd with Collin Quinn
Also Featuring Susan Gold

Rich Vos is an incredibly gifted and recognizable comic, who not only has sharp, insightful material, but is also a master at working the crowd.  His ability to perform in front of any audience has landed him television shows as varied as being the first white comic on “Def Jam”, to performing on ABC’s “The View.

Rich was the breakout star of NBC’s Last Comic Standing seasons 1 & 3, and has appeared as a regular guest on Comedy Central’s Celebrity Roasts, and “Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn”.  He also played Lenny Bruce on NBC’s “American Dreams” and is a regular on Opie & Anthony radio show.  Rich wrote for Chris Rock when he hosted the Academy Awards in 2005.  Rich has one of the highest rated half hour specials on Comedy Central and his DVD just sold over 40 copies (mostly to family and the mentally ill).  His previous performances at the Comedy Cove have sold out, so make your reservations soon!!