Eat, Drink, and Laugh
Great Steaks and Hearty Laughter are Two of Life’s Greatest Pleasures

October 2013

October 4-5 – Vanessa Hollingshead

From Comedy Central, VH1
Also featuring Mike Warsaw & Steven Bryan

From the first moment Vanessa hit the stage, waiting well over 4 hours at an “Open Mic” to do 5 minutes of comedy…..she knew she was “home.” She would temp all over the city during the day as a word-processor and be in the clubs at night to perform. She often slept in the bathrooms at work, or on her lunch hour. Vanessa never looked back. It paid off. After two years, she was able to make a living being a working comic.
She oftens jokes about real things. As a child, she spent a year at Millbrook Mansion with her father, Michael Hollingshead, who introduced Timothy Leary and Sir Paul McCartney to LSD. “I don’t have childhood memories, I have flashbacks.” At five years old she took LSD by accident.
She was in and out of different homes and schools. Her mom was smoking pot and taking amphetamines, which she of course gave to Vanessa to help clean the apartment. She lived briefly with her dad in Boston, England, then in Scotland. By 18 she was back in NYC and got a scholarship to study at the Lee Strasberg Theatrical Institute. Vanessa was always like a sponge and could meet anyone once and impersonate them. She found humor in daily life and that was what created her angst on stage as a comic. She divides her time doing stand up, acting, playwriting, painting, and playing keyboards and Karaoke.
Vanessa was recently on VH1’s Lords of the Revolution, has had her own Comedy Central Presents, has taped her second DVD at Gotham, “American Anglomaniac” and is taping her third DVD, “Drunk” at Stand Up New York, October 17th. She was one of the first comics to go out to the Middle East when the war started. She has performed for Comedy Central in Australia, as well as numerous shows in the UK and Amsterdam, she also has had critical acclaim with her one woman show “Flashback”, and just complete her second one person show, called “The Hold”.

October 11-12 – Coleman Green

From Jamie Fox’s Laffapalooza, NFL Network
Also featuring JJ Boyd & John Clark
Coleman Green, whose notoriety in the Philadelphia comedy scene has quickly increased his comedic opportunities.  You probably recognize him as the Pink Pixel on Cablevision commercials.  Don’t miss the next comedian to emerge from Philadelphia’s comedy scene – Coleman Green ~ He’s Damn Funny!   With a little more than three years of stand-up experience he’s now a featured Headliner.   Coleman has proven to club owners and bookers that true talent wins over experience. Follow Coleman’s edgy comedic adventures, as he unveils his life, loves, family and the world in a style that has audiences all over “cracking the &#%# up”. Coleman is definitely stardom on the rise.

From The Artie Lange Show, The Today Show, Opie & Anthony and The Howard Stern Show
Also featuring John Saponaro & Carlo Bellario

Religious he is not! But, Bob is certainly one of the funniest, most irreverent, innovative comedians on the circuit today. A favorite of radio superstar Howard Stern, Bob is a frequent guest of the show.
When it comes to working a crowd, Bob consistently works them into a frenzy! People say he’s over the line, blunt, politically incorrect, and oh yeah, FUNNY. Just because Bob’s forte’ is working the crowd he does not go on stage and just pick on people, He has a polished, well groomed act that took years to create and audiences are loving it. An incredible performer, Bob’s knack for off the cuff humor is the best in the business. – Barry Jay, Stress Factory
Bob was a writer for the hit show “Stankervision” on MTV2 with Yucko the Clown. Bob also can be heard weekdays, Monday thru Friday from 5:00 to 8:00 pm on the KiddChris Show on WYSP in Philadelphia as Chris’ “Uncle Bobby” where he is a writer and an on air personality. Bob is currently on tour with “The Killers Of Comedy” tour featuring Jim Florentine, Craig Gass, Sal The Stockbroker, Richard Christy, and Gary The Retard.

October 25-26 – Johnny Watson

From Saturday Night Live, Good Morning America
Also featuring Chip Ambrogio & Johnny Hollywood

Johnny Watson is a nationally headlining comic whose star is on the rise. He’s earning a reputation as clean and clever with the charm of “the boy next door”. Except that you wouldn’t want to be his neighbor growing up… Watson, a kid from a dysfunctional home lived in some of New Jersey’s seedier neighborhoods with his two brothers and two sisters. He learned to use his razor sharp wit to survive. “I was the poor kid on free lunch who always got my balls busted so since I couldn’t really fight, I had to be funny.” He started drinking when he was five years old and kept on going until high school, (“I was burned out from drinking by the time I got into high school, so I became the designated driver before they had designated drivers,” he says). After briefly attending college in California, Johnny joined the Navy. Once he got out, he turned to comedy as a full-time profession (his grandmother implored him to become a comedian because “you can’t do anything else right”) And so… a comedy career was born. Since then Johnny has taken life’s lemons and turned them into lemonade which he freely shares with his fans! And coast to coast, They Love It! You’ve seen Johnny at some of the biggest Comedy Clubs in the country and he has also been seen on TV, (most notably Saturday Night Live and Good Morning America and in a host of independent films and theater productions. Now you can see him perform, live, at The Comedy Cove this Saturday Night.