Eat, Drink, and Laugh
Great Steaks and Hearty Laughter are Two of Life’s Greatest Pleasures

July 2013

July 5-6 – Bob DiBuonno

Also featuring Joe Eichler & Rene’ Minter
Bob DiBuono is a master of characters and voices, which he melds with an offbeat sense of humor and expert timing, to turn ordinary life experiences into a night of uproarious laughter. Bob has been seen on MTV, E! Entertainment Network and Spike TV, and he’s been herd on “The Opie and Anthony Show”. He’s a regular at all the best comedy clubs in Las Vegas, Atlantic City with his own running show in New York City … and now The Comedy Cove in Springfield, of course.


July 12-13 – Mike Eagan

From Las Vegas, Atlantic City, & A&E
Also featuring Rich Carrucci & Andy Hayward

Ask any comedian in the country, they will tell you…Mike Eagan is a comedian’s comedian. This is one of those funny people that make all the other funny people stay after their set is done to watch a master. He tells the most simple stories in the most disarming – and hilarious – manner. Whether the topic is driving on a crowded highway, sharing a bathroom with his wife or visiting the family at Thanksgiving, Mike finds the humor with a quick and very sharp wit. He is so fast you can actually watch the audience trying not to laugh in fear they might miss the next side-splitting gem.

Mike has more than twenty-five years of stage experience and has made his mark from coast to coast and beyond. You can catch him regularly in Las Vegas and Atlantic City. He spent years as the mc/host/creative director of famed New York City hot spots like Catch A Rising Star and Dangerfield’s. He has also enjoyed a stellar career in radio where his quick wit and ability to ad-lib earned him the coveted morning show for a number of different stations in the New York metropolitan area. Currently he is in demand at comedy clubs, corporate events, and everywhere great comedy is available.
Watch Mike once and you will think he is making up everything that comes out of his mouth right on the spot. Watch him a number of times and you will realize that happens a lot! If you are a fan of funny and you are a fan of smart, this is one comedian you cannot afford to miss!  Come see why Chris Rock and hundreds of other comedians claim that Mike Eagan was one of the biggest influences on their careers!


July 19-20 – Josh Spear

From NBC & FOX
Also featuring Chip Chantry & Carolyn Busa
Josh Spear built and defined himself as an original voice in Standup Comedy in New York City. He has performed at all of the venues New York has to offer and appeared on shows such as Conan O’ Brien & The Chris Rock show. Needing a life change, Spear headed to Sydney, Australia where he instantly started headlining the local clubs and appeared on The Comedy Channels Headliners, Fox’s The Joint and NBC’s music video show Ground Zero, where he wrote and performed ads/sketches for Sony Corporation and Liquor Land. While working out of Oz Josh toured Asia and Australia doing standup.
After returning to the United States and reestablishing himself in New York, Josh toured the US on the Finding Tom tour, appearing in every single one of the Improvisation Comedy Clubs in under thirty days. This tour received hundreds of thousands of views on MySpace. The tour began on the same day he taped his brief appearance on NBC’s Last Comic Standing. He was also a commentator on Bravo’s Scarier Movie Moments Two. During this time Josh created numerous video sketches and pilots for the website Bamboozle TV. Josh also performed on two Bamboozle Concerts at Giants Stadium and NJ’s Classic Rock concert Wing Stock.
Currently Josh is the house host of America’s number one comedy club “Caroline’s on Broadway” on Mondays and Tuesdays . He recently appeared online on Comedy Net and SiTV’s Anthony Anderson’s Mixed Tape show. In 2010 Josh made appearances on CBS’s the early Show and NBC’s the Today Show and on the radio show 1010 Wins. He is currently all around New York City.

July 26-27 – Paul Bond

From Comedy Central, VH1, & SNL
Also featuring Lori Chase & Rob Epple

Paul is a New York born, 20 year veteran, high-energy act that finishes on a funny note. He’s on tour in support of his comedy cd “The Way I See It”. It contains over an hour of comedy, including standup, song parodies and surprise extras. Paul’s show promises to be a night of physical comedy and outrageous song parodies that will leave you laughing.

He toured with Jim Breuer , SNL, for 3 years as opening act and heavy metal guitar player and has been on “The Roast of Denis Leary”, the Comedy Central special “Hardcore” with Jim Breuer and MTV’s Metallica Icon. He is currently in production with fellow comic Basile, making a TV sitcom of the same name, “Basile” being considered for network tv. It’s an interactive sitcom. The first of it’s kind. Paul is a head writer and will star on the show as well. Watch out for this ground breaking show.  So to sum up, if you like your comedy served up fast and furious with an adult edge, then Paul will satisfy your appetite and then some. Come and catch him as he’s on his way to becoming a household name!