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January 2020

January 24-25 – John Consoli

Comic, Author, Friar, Drill Instructor. You don’t want to miss this one ,
Also Featuring Mike Keegan and Tom Mongelli

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John Consoli is a stand-up comedian from Long Island New York. His act pulls from all facets of his life experience as the product of a broken but hysterical home, a husband, father, ex-husband and a guy who’s starting to realize that life is trying really hard to pass him by.

John’s quick wit and ability to improvise make him a great fit for virtually any venue.

He is the author of an Amazon best seller, “You Don’t Get to Wear That” which he also performs as a one man show at theaters all over the north-eastern USA, most recently at the Courtyard Theater in Selinsgrove PA.

As a former Marine Drill Instructor and Hand to Hand Combat Instructor, he doesn’t get heckled often………



Special Event $24
From AXS Tv The Howard Stern Show
Also Featuring Kevin Isreal and Mike Warsaw

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Shuli Egar can be heard on Howard 100 and Howard 101 on Sirius XM Monday through Friday. He can also be seen touring the country as a headlining comic. You’ve heard him on CBS hit show SWAT as well Chosen on FX and Brickleberry on Comedy Central.

Hes performed on AXS TVs live from Gotham and has performed with some of the worlds biggest names. Amy Schumer, Artie Lange, Jim Norton, Robert Kelly, Dave Attell, Howie Mandel, Judah Friendlander, Lisa Lampaneli and many many more.

Shuli talks a lot about marriage and kids and how those two things ruin everything else. Shuli is one of the best kept secrets in comedy but not for long.