Eat, Drink, and Laugh
Great Steaks and Hearty Laughter are Two of Life’s Greatest Pleasures

January 2017

January 6-7 – Craig Loydgren

From Heavy Weights of Comedy Tour, Sirius XM, The Artie Lange Show
Also Featuring Erik Terrell and Buddy Harris

Not your typical New York comedian. He has the rare combined quality of intimidation verses magnetic like-ability. Unchained and Un-tamed he is a Tornado on the stage and electrifies audiences everywhere he goes. From his philosophy on marriage to teaching his children how to drive, every moment is explosive and Craig delivers with the energy of several natural disasters leaving a wake of comedic destruction that is second to none!

He is a regular on the East Coast circuit and performs at such club’s as the New York Comedy Club, The Broadway and The Greenwich Village Comedy Clubs and the world renowned Dangerfields.  Craig has toured with The Heavyweights of Comedy The Nomads of Comedy and most recently opening up for Pete Davidson from SNL. Craig has also appeared on The Artie Lange Podcast , Sirius XM and now is a regular on the NYC Crime Report with Pat Dixon.

January 13-14 – Seymour Swan

From HBO, BET, Comedy Central
Also featuring Rich Carucci and John Hollywood

Seymour  Swan is a talented and versatile comic!  When he’s not touring with Damon Wayons or Chris Rock, he’s hosting the “Seymour Swann and Friends Show”  at The New York Comedy Club  (which he’s been doing regularly for more than 20 years).  You’ve seen Seymour in the movie “Major Payne” and on HBO, BET and Comedy Central.  Still Seymour is at his best in front of a live audience where his hilarious material, expert timing and ability to connect with the audience make for a memorable Night of Laughter!

January 20-21 – J Jay Boyd

From I Love Taxi (Shown in actual Taxi Cabs), The Joey Reynolds Show
Also Featuring Susan Gold and Kevin Gottee

J. Jay Boyd won 1st place in the Carnival Cruise Line Comedy Competition, beating 90 other comics and was hand picked opener and writer for Cable Ace Award Winning stand-up comedian Bob Nelson. He is the on-air sidekick on the nationally syndicated “Joey Reynolds” radio show and is also a member of “The Comedy Express” improv troupe from Long Island, New York whose past members have included Bob Nelson, Rosie O’Donnell, Dave Hawthorne, Richie Minervini and many other native Long Island improv comics. “With power, energy, voices and yes even words, J. Jay Boyd has been described as a hilarious, one man sitcom. Everything J. Jay does and experiences has instant potential to become part of his act, and he is the tour guide of the whacky world he perceives he lives in. An incredibly talented and entertaining comedian, he puts on a show that will guarantee laughs from everyone!


Finalist from America’s Got Talent,Comedy Central & Showtime
Also featuring Matt Lacy
Special Event – $20

A lot has changed for Julia Scotti who has been performing stand-up comedy since 1980! Beginning at the Original Improvisation in New York she toured most of her career as Rick Scotti, headlining clubs in both the United States and Canada. She has appeared on Comedy Central and was the winner of Showtime’s “The Funniest Person in America” contest for the state of New Jersey; she would go on to eventually lose that year to a young, unknown comedian, Ellen DeGeneres.

In 2000 Julia left stand up as she began her life altering transition. Now, ten years later, she’s back with a vengeance, bringing her high energy, highly manic, highly funny persona home to the stand-up stage. Most recently Julia was proud to be the first transgender comedian and finalist in the “Ladies of Laughter” competition held in New York City. She has also been named by the Advocate as one of the “Top 5 Hottest Transgender Comedians of 2013”.

Julia is currently in development for her own one woman show, The Woman with XY Vision, and she’s also busy shooting her pilot No Man’s Land.  Let’s not forget Julia’s blog, Julia Scotti-Inside and Out, which is now being read regularly in over ten countries. For an old lady, she gets around, huh?

Tickets $20
Mystifying audiences for generations. He has  been a guest on every major variety and talk show.  He has predicted the out come of sporting events and Presidential elections. He is our National Mentalist who has an international reputation. And what could be better he is a Jersey Boy!
If you remember growing up and making a prediction, the response was usually “ who are you Kreskin” Now you can see him live in our intimate room not a large theater but up close and personal.