Eat, Drink, and Laugh
Great Steaks and Hearty Laughter are Two of Life’s Greatest Pleasures

April 2013

April 5-6 – Vanessa Hollingshead

From HBO, Comedy Central’s Tough Crowd W/Colin Quinn
Also featuring Sean Morton & Mike Warsaw
Vanessa is the quintessential native New Yorker. She only just got her drivers license a couple you years ago. She spent a year at Millbrook Mansion with her father who introduced Timothy Leary, and later, Paul McCartney of the Beatles to LSD. After an accidental “trip” of her own at 5 years old, she returned to the care of her mother who was trying to juggle the full time career of finding good grass in bad neighborhoods with her responsibilities as a mom. Throw in two years on a commune by herself, two years in London with her dad, a decade of temp work and her angst was complete. Coincidentally, a comedian was born.
Vanessa just did The World Comedy Tour in Australia in 2005 as well as, Comedy Central Presents which first aired February 2005. She was recently featured on Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn, Dateline, and Oxygen as well as doing the Montreal “Just for Laughs” tour with Kevin Pollak. She has done The Montreal Comedy Festival 5 Times in total, as well as appearing on the original pilot of the AJ Benza Show on “E”. She’s a favorite of Comedy Central and did “Canned Ham”, where she did a spoof parody of the movie, “Nurse Betty” as well as an appearance on “New Joke City”. She was the guest host on NBC’s “Later” as well as the critically acclaimed film “Ghost Dog”, directed by Jim Jarmusch. She also taped two TV Shows, at Jonglar’s in London, and well as a TV Show in Rotterdam, Netherlands. She has performed on the “The Jim Bruer Show”, Comedy Central’s Premium Blend and NBC’s “Louie Anderson Comedy Showcase.” In 1999 Vanessa was invited to perform her one woman show “Flashback” at the Aspen US Comedy Arts Festival. She was then offered the opportunity to do “Flashback” at the HBO workspace in LA and at Gary Marshall’s Falcon Theatre. She has completed her first screen play, which is now in development. Vanessa toured approximately 30 military bases in the Middle East for a month. She’s a national headliner, can be seen all over the United States as well as Europe. But, she can always be seen a little closer to home at the Comic Strip, Stand Up New York, Caroline’s, The Boston Comedy Club, Gotham Comedy Club, The Improv, The Laugh Factory, and the Comedy Cellar in New York City.

April 12-13 – The Legendary Wid

From Comedy Central’s Make Me Laugh, Showtime
Also featuring John Kensil & Jerrold Benford

THE LEGENDARY WID is one of the funniest people to ever come from New Jersey. Since his humble beginnings in Cranford, NJ. THE WID has become the undisputed Prince of Props and Puns! From his sold out shows at New York’s The Bottom Line and Rascals in New Jersey, to his frequent TV appearances, THE LEGENDARY WID has always been an audience favorite. WID uses props and puns to hilarious effect (his act is reminiscent of a 4 year old exploring a toy box and a kitchen cabinet at the same time). No two shows are ever the same! WID has hosted TV shows such as VH-1’s ‘Top 20 Countdown, and appeared on ‘Stand-Up Spotlight’. He has appeared on Make Me Laugh on Comedy Central and Comedy On The Road and Caroline’s Comedy Hour on A & E, The ABC Comedy Club Special and 30 Seconds To Fame, on FOX. WID also appears on the best selling DVD ..Laughing Out Loud – America’s Funniest Comedians along with Adam Sandler, Jerry Seinfeld, Ellen Degeneres, Jeff Foxworthy, Ray Romano, Drew Carey and Jay Leno. He is also the subject of an award-winning documentary film entitled “WID” by Jason Ferraro and Brian Galla.

April 19-20 – Doug Karpf

Also featuring Gordon Baker-Bone, Anthony Crescenzo & Johnny Hollywood
Doug is a quick witted comedian, known for his rapid punch lines and hilarious improvisations. Much of his inspiration comes from being a father and husband living day to day in Springfield, N.J. Having mastered the skill of finding humor in everyday life, he brings an unmistakable charismatic presence to the stage that leaves viewers roaring with laughter and saying to each other ” I know EXACTLY what he’s talking about!”. No matter his audience, he engages the crowd and always delivers laughs. Doug performs at clubs throughout the country and has performed for the United States Armed Forces. Doug’s credits include Rascal’s, Caesar’s, Resorts, Catch a Rising Star, Broadway Comedy Club and the tv show “Made” on Comedy Central… to name a few.

April 27-28 – Reverend Bob Levy

From XM Sirius Radio, The Artie Lange Show, Comedy Central
Also featuring Mike Warsaw
“The Reverend” Bob Levy is an American stand-up comedian and radio personality who is most well known as the host of the comedy roasts and frequent guest on the Opie and Anthony Show as well as the Howard Stern Show, co-host of the Miserable Men show on Howard 101, and stand-up comedy performances on the Killers of Comedy tour